Events Cleaning & Party Cleaning

Party Cleaning

Events & After Party Cleaning - You throw a great party but the morning after the mess left behind is almost as bad as the hangover.We can offer an excellent Events and After party cleaning for you! Don’t worry; Fully Cleaning Service are here to help you out! We are fast, friendly and completely dedicated to what we do. Citi Cleaners will sparkle clean your property while you relax. After we leave you won’t believe there was a party in your property the night before.

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All Rooms:
  • Empty all the bins
  • Throw all those empty bottles and cans away
  • Get rid of leftover food
  • Scrub, disinfect and thoroughly clean the toilets and bathroom
  • Clean fridge, cupboards, oven, mirrors, microwave, kitchen surfaces
  • Clean windows*, window sills
  • Wash all dishes and glasses
  • Clean and polish all surfaces and tables
  • Mop and wash the floor.
  • Wipe Down all Marks on the Walls
  • Vacuum carpet.

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